Promotion on YouTube

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Promotion on YouTube is a set of measures to optimize your YouTube channel, selection of tags, descriptions for existing videos, collection of keywords and instructions for creating new videos


What is included in YouTube promotion

Promoting a YouTube channel is a step-by-step process. It simultaneously covers four stages: optimization of existing videos, competitive analysis of videos and other channels, drawing up technical tasks for the creation of new videos.

Optimization of existing videos
  • We look at the percentage of views, likes, comments
  • We select keywords for the video
  • We optimize descriptions and titles
  • We select tags, hashtags
  • We collect videos into playlists
Analysis of competitor channels
  • We study the structure of your channel
  • We study videos and channels of competitors
  • We analyze the video format of competitors and the quality of editing
  • We create a summary report on content creation methods
Terms of reference for new videos
  • Choosing the optimal time-keeping
  • Writing a script template with competitor analysis
  • Collection of keywords for video tags
  • Choosing the most attractive title
  • Writing a description for a video
  • Selection of up to three hashtags

The YouTube channel promotion strategy is based on video selection and its promotion. Depending on the type of video, the strategy for its promotion may differ.

What for he promotion of video is needed?

A YouTube channel is a powerful source of income for your business. And the income can be

Direct – you can place ads both directly and with the help of AdSense – built-in advertising from Google.

Mediated – you can get customers to your site due to the fact that viewers of your channel will write to you in personal messages / on the site / in messengers in order to order your services and your goods.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube Channel Promotion

If your question is not listed here, feel free to reach out to us for more detailed information.

YouTube channel promotion is the process of increasing the number of subscribers, views, and engagement on a channel in order to improve its visibility and popularity.

To increase the number of subscribers on your channel, you need to create interesting, useful, and unique content that will attract the attention of the audience. You can also use special techniques, such as creating catchy titles for videos, optimizing tags and keywords for search, and setting up optimal posting frequencies.

To attract more views on your channel, you need to promote it on social media and other platforms, use effective advertising, interact with your audience through comments and webinars, and collaborate with other channels.

To increase viewer engagement on the channel, you need to create content that is relevant and interesting to the audience, attract viewers’ attention by using different video formats, include call-to-actions in the video and ask questions, and respond to viewer comments and feedback.

The success of a YouTube channel can be measured by several metrics such as the number of subscribers, views, audience engagement, search engine rankings, and monetization rate.