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Content plagiarism checking is an indispensable service for those who want to ensure the intellectual purity and uniqueness of their textual materials. With advanced scanning technology and extensive databases, we offer a fast and reliable way to identify and resolve any instances of content duplication before it becomes a problem. Our service provides a detailed analysis and report that allows authors to remain confident in the originality of their work.

checking content for plagiarism
checking content

Who needs to pass a plagiarism check?

  1. Website owners or editors of online publications who need to control the uniqueness of their authors’ or copywriters’ texts. Plagiarism analysis will help to identify unscrupulous performers and guarantee the originality of published materials.
  2. Business owners and SMM managers to be sure that their content will not have problems with indexing or filtering in social networks and search engines.
  3. It is crucial for students and researchers to check their work before publishing to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

After all, checking text for uniqueness is an urgent need for everyone who works with content and bears reputational responsibility for its quality.

How does plagiarism affect SEO?

In a world where content is becoming the main currency of the information age, the uniqueness and originality of ideas are critical success factors. Whether in academic research, professional publications, blogs, or web content, the importance of maintaining intellectual integrity has never been greater.

Placing fully or partially copied texts from other sites on your resource carries numerous risks. First, it’s a direct violation of copyright, because all information on the Internet is protected by the relevant legislation.

Secondly, duplication of content can lead to sanctions from search engines in the way of losing rankings or even blocking the site. And this will lead to a sharp decrease in traffic.

Another consequence is reputational risks, when users independently discover the originals of copied texts and lose confidence in your resource.

Therefore, the only safe way out is either the publication of exclusively author’s materials, or a professional rewrite of other people’s texts with preservation of uniqueness and meaning.

What we analyze when checking content for plagiarism

We use the most modern software solutions and algorithmic methods for detecting text matches, which guarantees an accurate result. Our team of professional linguists and content marketing experts check the content of your site for plagiarism, namely:

  • Text content of pages – texts of articles, news, blogs, menu sections, product descriptions, etc.
  • Contents of pages About us, Contacts, pages of services – descriptions, conditions, rules.
  • Materials of the section Questions-Answers (FAQ).
  • Images, texts in banners, quotes from partners or customer reviews.

No matter what language your content is in, we will select the necessary methods and tools to check your website content for copied fragments from other sources. As a result, you will receive a report and recommendations for further processing of your content.

What to do after checking for plagiarism?

We believe that a safe indicator of the uniqueness of content for posting on a website is a value of about 90-95%. Lower uniqueness rates indicate significant borrowing of content, which can lead to problems with indexing and loss of search rankings.

If you successfully pass the plagiarism check, when the system has confirmed that your content is sufficiently unique, you can safely post it on your website. After all, there is no risk of sanctions from search engines or copyright claims with such results.

However, if the system detects a significant number of text matches or massive fragments of copying, we provide certain recommendations and measures that need to be taken.

  1. Correct verbatim quotations – format them correctly by putting quotation marks and indicating the author and source. This applies to limited borrowing of parts of the text.
  2. Replace the copied parts of the text by rewriting them in your own words and phrases without losing the meaning.
  3. Completely rewrite the text from scratch if too much plagiarism is found. Rewrite it with only your own thoughts and ideas.

You can apply for our rewriting or copywriting service to make your content unique and relevant to your target audience and search engines.


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Checking the content for plagiarism allows you to confirm the uniqueness of your material and protect it from copying, which can negatively affect the reputation and SEO of your site.

Using plagiarized content can lead to complaints from the original content authors, fines from search engines, or even loss of audience trust.

It is recommended to check content for plagiarism before publishing new material and periodically for existing content to prevent possible violations.

Plagiarism can be both intentional and accidental. Deliberate plagiarism is the deliberate use of someone else’s content without the author’s permission. Accidental plagiarism can occur due to carelessness or lack of understanding of copyright rules.