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At Seobanda, we have gathered a team of like-minded people who go beyond the bounds of standard link and text purchases. For each project, we look at all the possibilities—not only to improve positions but also to help get real sales for your business.


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Head of SEO

The head of the SEO specialist department defines the overall promotion strategy, monitors the implementation of strategic and key tasks while working with clients.


Specialist in content preparation for various types of sites – for individual commercial pages, SEO texts, articles for external promotion, blog content. Copywriters prepare content of different levels of complexity and in different languages.

SEO team lead

Evaluates and verifies the performance of both routine and unique project tasks, analyzes the niche, tracks all qualitative and quantitative indicators and work on the site, and also conducts direct communication with clients on all issues in the field of site search promotion.

Web analytics

A specialist who is responsible for collecting and analyzing information about visitors to the resource and their behavior, is engaged in setting up to track key business parameters and interpreting the results obtained.

SEO specialist

A specialist assigned to a single project who performs various types of work for the project on a daily basis, as well as tracks and describes technical errors on the site, deals with internal optimization, consults technical specialists and conducts external optimization of the site.

Project manager

A personal manager who communicates directly with the customer and answers all relevant questions regarding documentation and current project tasks.



Over 9 years of successful experience in various markets of Ukraine, USA, Europe


At Seobanda, we have assembled a team of specialists who will work on your project


History with 200+ successful projects in various business segments


More than 63% of new partners come on the recommendation of current clients

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