Removal of sites from under the Google filters

In today’s digital environment, some of the most important aspects of the successful functioning of a site are related to the state of its interaction with search engines. Sanctions from Google can become a serious problem for a web resource, leading to a decrease in traffic and impact on profitability.


Reasons for falling under Google filter

There are two types of sanctions – manual sanctions, which are imposed by human reviewers or technical support workers, and automatic sanctions, which are applied by search engine algorithms (Panda, Penguin, etc.).

However, the reasons for which sanctions were imposed are different.

  • Violation:
    • The use of techniques such as hidden texts, gateway pages, automatic link building and other black SEO techniques can lead to sanctions.
  • Low quality content:
    • The use of low-quality, inappropriate and/or duplicate content is taboo for Google filters. Manipulating the audience with information has a bad effect on the ranking of your site.
  • Technical errors:
    • Problems with the technical implementation of the site, such as incorrect setting of meta tags, insufficient loading speed, have a bad effect on indexing and ranking.
  • Poor quality links:
    • Using low-quality or artificially created links can affect the authority of the site.
  • Harmful content and insufficient security:
    • The presence of malicious content such as viruses, trojans, phishing attacks can lead to the blocking of the site.
  • Other violations:
    • General violations of the law, violations of the rules of use of the platform (for example, Google Webmaster Guidelines), attacks by intruders, etc.

For specific details about your site, an SEO audit is recommended.

Stages output the site from under filters

Output from under filters site can be a lengthy process and depends on the specific reasons that led to the sanctions. There is a general approach to solving problems and lifting of sanctions:

  • Identifying the cause and determining the type Google filter:
    • First of all, we determine why your site was subject to sanctions and which ones. This can be due to violations of the rules of the search engine, detection of malicious programs, security problems, low quality content, etc.
  • Correcting Problems:
    • Fixing the issues that led to the sanctions is a top priority for our specialists. This includes fine-tuning the site’s technical processes, removing harmful content, and writing new, unique and informative content.
  • Link Audit:
    • We conduct a thorough analysis of links. We remove low-quality or artificially created links that can negatively affect your rating and build new ones.
  • Submission of a request for reassessment:
    • After optimizing your site, we submit a request to Google for re-evaluation through their webmaster tools.
  • Monitoring and Improvement:
    • After fixing the problems and submitting a re-evaluation request, we monitor the site’s behavior and improve it to avoid similar problems in the future.

Please note that terms and procedures may vary by search engine.

What results will you get?

  • Return to search engine index:
    • Lifting of sanctions will allow your website to be indexed and considered by search engines again.
  • Rating improvement:
    • Output from under the google filter helps to improve the ranking of your site, which in turn has a positive effect on its visibility in search results.
  • Return Traffic:
    • Lifting of sanctions restores natural traffic to your site.
  • Restoring the authority and trust of users:
    • If the sanctions were related to malicious content or security issues, fixing them helps restore user trust and authority.
  • Improving relations with search engines:
    • Compliance and fixing problems has a positive impact on your relationship with search engines.

To ensure successful output from under the google filter, it is important to study in detail the reasons for the sanctions, correct all identified problems and follow the rules and recommendations of a specific search engine.


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If your question is not listed here, feel free to reach out to us for more detailed information.

Use the webmaster tools provided by the search engine. Also, watch for various indicators, such as a sharp decrease in traffic or ranking.

Depends on the complexity of the problems. Some aspects can be corrected on your own, but for complex cases it is better to seek professional advice.

Time removal from under the google filter may vary. It depends on the complexity of the problems, the speed with which you make corrections and reevaluation by the search engine.

Maintain high quality content, follow ethical SEO practices, regularly audit technical aspects and monitor changes in search engine algorithms.