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Copying content from other websites or excessive duplication can have negative consequences. In particular, your resource runs the risk of being penalized by search algorithms, and restoring your positions is a long and costly process. Instead, we offer a safe alternative – a service of professional rewriting of existing content. Our experienced copywriters will rewrite your texts from scratch, preserving the general content and key ideas, but using unique author’s wording.

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The importance of rewrite article

  • Updating outdated information or content with current data
  • Increase audience engagement through engaging presentation
  • Improvement of indexing and search positioning of the site due to text optimization
  • The ability to place the necessary accents and adjust the direction of the text

Features of rewriting in SEObanda

We take a comprehensive and responsible approach to rewriting texts. First, before writing a new unique version, we carefully study the topic and features of the source material. After all, only by immersing yourself in the subject can you create truly valuable content.

Secondly, our copywriters use a special author’s method of rewriting texts, which allows them to completely replace words and phrases, but retain the general meaning. This makes the new version absolutely unique.

And of course, we simultaneously optimize the rewrite for natural human perception, search engine requirements, and topic specificity. This comprehensive approach is the key to a high-quality result.

Types of text rewriting

  • Symbolic (synonymous) rewriting – consists in selecting synonyms and rearranging individual phrases and phrases while preserving the overall structure of the text.
  • Literary rewrite – involves a complete change of language constructions and vocabulary while preserving only the key points and facts of the original text.
  • Adaptation rewrite – focused on finalizing the text for the target audience, subject or tonality of the site for which a new version is being created.
  • SEO and marketing rewriting – related to text optimization for queries and keywords, taking into account commercial KPIs: conversions, engagement, etc.

Other specific types of rewriting are also possible, depending on specific goals and objectives.

Stages of text rewriting

  1. Analysis of the source text: study of the topic, main theses, structure and features.
  2. Research of the target audience of future content, business goals and customer requirements.
  3. Direct rewrite: paraphrasing each sentence using unique language structures while preserving the overall meaning.
  4. Literary text editing: style correction, elimination of repetitions, stylistic correction.
  5. Final check of the uniqueness of the rewrite and compliance with the original design and requirements.
  6. Delivery of ready-made unique content to the customer and possible modifications based on his comments.

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Text rewriting involves rewriting an existing text in order to change its structure, style, or expressiveness, while translation consists in reproducing the content of the text in another language.

Rewriting the text allows you to improve the uniqueness and target orientation of the content, which can positively affect SEO and audience interest.

Yes, but it is important to consider that the rewrite of the text must be original enough not to violate copyright and not display duplicate content in search engines.

Tools for analyzing the original text, paraphrasing and rewriting, such as rewriting programs, text editors and online services, can simplify the process of rewriting a text.