Selecting methods for english Link Building

Effective link building strategies to enhance online presence


 Personalized Link Building Strategy

  • The analysis results are provided in a language convenient for you – Ukrainian or English.
  • Your project promotion will not be standard; we craft an individual strategy.
  • Transparent reports for each placed link with comprehensive data on donor sites.
  • Our primary focus is on white-hat English link building.

How is the Link Building strategy chosen?

  1. Analyzing the backlink profile of successful competitors.
  2. Searching for relevant and trustworthy platforms.
  3. Skyscraper Technique – replacing outdated content.
  4. Replacing broken links.
  5. Resource list strategy.
  6. Selecting other outreach strategies (social program, partnership proposals) depending on existing content.
  7. Writing guest posts through direct collaboration.

What is Link Building?

Link building is one of the key aspects of SEO. It is utilized to construct a reference profile for a website, which is essential for successful online presence in search engines. Search engines highly favor sites that have hundreds and thousands of backlinks from various types of relevant platforms. Crafting a well-structured backlink profile is an art in itself. An effective link building strategy aims to create a highly natural reference profile, meaning that links come from quality authoritative sources that share their credibility with the accepting site. Ideally, this process should occur steadily and evenly. How can this be achieved?

“Timeless” Strategies

Every novice SEO specialist wonders how to quickly, safely, and cost-effectively acquire natural backlinks for their website. There are countless existing strategies, some tried and tested by link builders for years, while others have emerged more recently. The most effective method in each specific case depends on the budget, niche situation, and techniques employed by competitors. However, there are strategies that are particularly effective for commercial and informational projects.


Outreach is a link-building method that relies on direct interaction with owners of relevant resources such as websites and blogs. Mutually beneficial contacts with relevant platforms are established through email outreach and reaching personal agreements for collaboration. As a result, the project gains brand mentions and articles with backlinks. Outreach lies at the intersection of crowd and email marketing. Unlike typical paid link placements, it requires maintaining live communication with partners and the ability to capture attention and persuade. It may be laborious but advantageous. Links obtained through outreach are perceived by search engine bots as natural and positively impact the project’s organic ranking. Outreach can be broadly categorized into two approaches: guest blogging and link and article exchange.

Link Purchasing

Natural backlinks gradually appear on a page with unique and valuable content. However, this process requires considerable time. Moreover, without a sufficient number of links, search engines may not consider the site as trustworthy, resulting in lower rankings. To expedite the process, website owners pay webmasters to place links on their resources. When done correctly, this approach yields positive results and facilitates rapid progress. However, if the strategy is implemented incorrectly and the appearance of links seems unnatural, search engines may penalize the project for manipulation.

Link Purchasing through Services

When there is a need to quickly increase the number of backlinks, the most effective approach is to turn to link purchasing services. These services are often referred to as “link marketplaces.” However, unlike traditional exchanges with automated link procurement, modern services have significantly expanded their capabilities. The best ones serve as platforms that can address a wide range of tasks. It is crucial for the service to enable the examination of potential donors and consider numerous criteria. To achieve this, it may: possess an extensive database of platforms for link placement; track qualitative indicators of websites and filter out spam resources; select relevant thematic sites; work with various geographic locations; offer permanent link placements; provide tools for manual control at all stages of link placement. One such multifunctional platform is PRPosting, which offers link-building services of varying complexity to fit different budgets.

Link Purchasing through Resellers

An alternative to outreach and link purchasing services is acquiring backlinks through private intermediaries, known as resellers. Resellers maintain unique databases of websites for link placement. Their main competitive advantages include lower prices and access to sites from rare niches and regions. However, they may have drawbacks, such as a lack of automation. Resellers typically rely on spreadsheet editors as tools, making the process of donor selection and placement somewhat laborious. Additionally, they usually have smaller databases of niche-specific services. Despite this, resellers can be a valuable option for obtaining backlinks at more affordable rates and catering to specific niche requirements.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on English-language Link Building

If your question is not listed here, feel free to reach out to us for more detailed information.

English link building is the process of creating links for your website from other English-language websites. The goal is to increase the authority of your website in search results.

The most effective methods of English-language link building are: guest posting in blogs, press releases, posts in comments, posting on social networks, and compiling lists of resources.

The sites you want to link to should be in the same field as your site, have a good reputation, be authoritative, and have high traffic. It is also recommended to use specialized tools that will help you choose the most suitable sites.

Keywords play an important role in English link building because they help determine which search queries your links should be optimized for. It is recommended to use keywords in anchor texts, but not to overuse them in order not to get penalized by search engines.

For English link building, you can use various tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Majestic, and others. They help you research competitors, find quality sites for link placement, and analyze the effectiveness of your actions.