Choose methods of English-language link building


Our main job profile is white English-speaking link building.


Analysis of the link profile of successful competitors

Search for relevant and trusted sites

Skyscraper Technique – replacement of outdated content

Replacing broken links

Resource list strategy

Selection of other outreach strategies (social program, offer of partner sites) depending on the existing content

Writing guest posts with direct interaction.

What is link building?


Link building is one of the key areas of SEO. It is used to build a reference profile of the site, which is a must for successful promotion of the resource in search engines. PS is most favorable to sites that have hundreds and thousands of backlinks of various types from relevant sites. To form a correct control profile is an art. An effective link building strategy is aimed at forming the most natural link profile. This means that the links appear on quality authoritative resources that share their weight with the accepting site. Ideally, this should happen continuously and evenly. How to achieve this?

“Livelong” strategies


Every SEO specialist beginner has a question about how to get natural links to their site quickly, safely and for free. There are many effective strategies. Some of them have long been tested by link builders, some have appeared recently. What method will be the most effective in each specific case depends on the budget, the situation in the niche, the methods used by competitors. But there are strategies that are especially effective for commercial and informational projects.



Outreach is a method of obtaining links, which is based on direct interaction with the owners of interesting resources – sites and blogs. Mutually beneficial contacts with relevant platforms are built through e-mails and reaching personal agreements on cooperation. As a result, the project receives brand mentions, articles with backlinks. Outreach is at the intersection of crowd and e-mail marketing. From the usual paid placement of links it differs in the need to maintain live contact with partners, to be able to attract attention and convince. This is troublesome, but profitable. Links obtained through outreach are perceived by search bots as natural and have a positive effect on the project’s organic ranking. In turn, outreach is conditionally divided into two directions: guest blogging; exchange of links and articles.

Buying links


On a page that has unique and useful content over time appear natural links. But it takes a lot of time. At the same time, without a sufficient number of links, search engines do not perceive the site as trustworthy and do not give it high positions in the rating. To speed up the process, site owners pay webmasters to post links to their resource. With a competent approach, it gives results and ensures fast advancement. But if the strategy is implemented incorrectly, and the appearance of links looks unnatural, the search engine can punish the project for manipulation.


Buying links through services


If you need to quickly increase the number of links, it is most effective to contact services for buying links. They are still called “link exchanges”. Although, unlike classic exchanges with automatic purchase of links, modern services have significantly expanded their capabilities. The best are platforms that can solve a wide range of tasks. It is important that the service allows you to study potential donors and take into account many criteria. To do this, it can the following: have a large base of sites for accommodation; monitor quality indicators of sites, filter out spammed resources; choose relevant topics; work with different geos; post permanent links; have tools to manually control all stages of deployment. Such multifunctional platforms include the PRPosting service, which provides link building services of any level of complexity with different budgets.

Buying links through resellers

An alternative to outreach and services is buying links through private mediators. Reselllers have their own unique databases of sites for placing links. Their main competitive advantages are lower prices, availability of bases with sites from rare niches and regions. Disadvantages – insufficient level of automation. Reseller tools are table editors, so donor selection and placement can be quite time-consuming. In addition, they usually have small bases of specialized services.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on English-language Link Building

What is English link building?

English link building is the process of creating links for your website from other English-language websites. The goal is to increase the authority of your website in search results.

What are the most effective methods of English-language link-building?

The most effective methods of English-language link building are: guest posting in blogs, press releases, posts in comments, posting on social networks, and compiling lists of resources.

How do I choose the sites where I can place links?

The sites you want to link to should be in the same field as your site, have a good reputation, be authoritative, and have high traffic. It is also recommended to use specialized tools that will help you choose the most suitable sites.

What role do keywords play in English link building?

Keywords play an important role in English link building because they help determine which search queries your links should be optimized for. It is recommended to use keywords in anchor texts, but not to overuse them in order not to get penalized by search engines.

What tools can be used for English link building?

For English link building, you can use various tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Majestic, and others. They help you research competitors, find quality sites for link placement, and analyze the effectiveness of your actions.