Link building. Let’s explain complex terms in simple words

19 Jan 2023

Link building – today is also one of the powerful and effective methods of promoting your site on the Internet.

 Sometimes there is a desire to go deep  into all the processes that the seo agency carries out with your site, and often specialists operate in a professional lexicon, which is not always clear to the client to whom the service is provided.

The company Seobanda has collected the main terms used by experts to promote your site in this glossary.

  1. Link building – (link) the process of building backlinks to the target site.
  2. Donor – a site from which a backlink to the promoted site (acceptor) is extracted.
  3. An acceptor is a site to which backlinks are placed (promoting site).
  4. A link builder is a specialist who performs the work of building a link profile to promote your site.
  5. An anchor is a text phrase used in a hyperlink. An example of a hyperlink with a text anchor is Crowd Marketing.
  6. Non-anchor – use of non-commercial text instead of an anchor. For example, URL, domain name, brand request. An example of an unanchored An example of anchorless anchors:
    • star here;
    • starthere;
    • starby link;
    • star source.
  7. URL of the site link in full. For example,
  8. Links – (hyperlinks) html structure that allows you to link different pages on the Internet and navigate through them.
  9. Redirect – using a pre-landing page before redirecting to the final site. Redirect links can look like this:
    • star
    • starIt is believed that redirect links are not indexed by search engines and affect the promotion of the site.
  10. Nofollow links – links using the rel = “nofollow” attribute, according to search engines, their work does not follow such links and does not take them into account.
  11. Dofollow links – links that are fully taken into account by search engines. They transmit the maximum weight.
  12. Noindex links – links are closed with a tag that prevents Google from following this type of links and taking them into account for ranking. Again, this is according to Google.
  13. An active link is a clickable link
  14. An inactive link is not a clickable link
  15. Clickable link – a link with which the user can immediately go to the target site with a mouse click or finger tap.
  16. Non-clickable link is a text link that needs to be copied, pasted into the browser line and go to the target site.
  17. Crowd marketing is the process of interaction with the audience in thematic communities: forums, comments, question/answer sites.
  18. Outreach is proactive communication with people who make decisions about placing content on donor sites that are of interest to link builders. The result of the outreach is a posted guest post with a link.
  19. Directory – a directory that allows you to add a description of your site with a link to it.
  20. Submits are sites where you can manually add information about the site and links. Examples of submissions: directories, video hosting, presentation sharing services.
  21. Guest post – guest articles on donor websites. Can be placed on a paid basis, free of charge, under barter arrangements.
  22. Crowd link – a link obtained by placing a positive post in thematic discussions on forums, comments, question/answer sites and other communities.
  23. Link is a hyperlink.
  24. Skyscraper technique – the link building technique is aimed at creating the highest quality content in the niche, which will surpass all existing documents and attract links naturally. About the skyscraper technology in details.
  25. Scholarship (scholarship) is a technique of obtaining backlinks from the means of issuing scholarships to students:
    • starinformation about the conditions of the scholarship is added to the promoted site;
    • staroutreach of the editors of edu,
    • stargov sites;
    • star we receive links.
  26. Broken link – a link that leads to a non-existent page with a 404 server response.
  27. Progin – automatic placement of links in comments, submissions through Hrumer, GSA or other automatic posting programs.
  28. Khrumer is a tool for automatically posting messages on forum pages and submissions.
  29. PBN network of satellites . Specially created sites in order to put a link from them to the promoted site.
  30. Site network – PBN.
  31. WEB 2.0 sites – on blog UGC platforms. For example,,
  32. Local links – backlinks from sites that allow you to indicate regional affiliation. For example, Google My Business.
  33. Listings are sites that categorize sites by regional feature, subject, etc. The type of listing can be a rating.
  34. Backlinks – backlinks.
  35. Internal links – links of the site to its pages.
  36. External links – back links to your site.
  37. Q/A sites – question/answer sites. For example,,
  38. Templates are templates. As a rule, template letters, template sites.
  39. Collaboration – cooperation between two sites, bloggers for mutual advertising and audience expansion.
  40. review is a review of something.
  41. Platform– site.
  42. Trust – the level of trust of search engines in the site. It is determined by various third-party services according to formulas. The most famous of them: for the western segment:
  43. Spamminess – site spam indicator based on external site analyzers, for example,
  44. Neutral is the term of crowd marketers. Neutralize a message on a forum to pump an account or develop a topic before leaving a message with a link.
  45. Interlinking can be external or internal . Linking is binding of pages/sites to each other using hyperlinks. Linking can be done within the site, for internal pages, or separate sites can be linked, for example, a network of satellites, or sites of the same publishing house.
  46. ​​Bourge – usually refers to the promotion of sites in markets not related to the CIS. For example: USA, Italy, Germany, etc
  47. Pumping – developing something (an account on a forum, a website) to get a greater return.
  48. Eternal links are links placed on external sites once and for all.
  49. Rental links are links that are paid monthly.
  50. Link profile of the site (link mass of the site) is a collection of all links leading to the site or individual pages.
  51. Link explosion – (link boom) is a rapid increase in backlinks in a short period of time.


I hope this post helped you understand the basic terms in the topic of link building. But if you still need advice to promote your business on the Internet, you can always ask us for help. Our specialists will be able to bring the target audience to your site and ensure that your site is ranked in the top positions in search engines.  

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