What is more important: internal or external SEO optimization?

Many people who are interested in the SEO promotion of their websites think that by optimizing their site, it automatically gets to the first position in the search results. In fact, internal optimization is just preparation for real promotion! An SEO company invests the first month in preparatory processes (optimizing metadata, removing technical errors, changing photo formats to speed up the site, analyzing competitors, creating an individual promotion strategy, and improving the design). These actions improve the site’s performance and provide the foundation for further promotion in the search results.

30 Jan 2024

Further website promotion in search results

From the second month on, a real battle begins, where SEO specialists play the role of a brave knight, Google algorithms are an angry dragon, and the first position in the search results is a luxurious princess. Every day, specialists monitor the state of the site, like doctors monitor the patient’s health, and do their best to make it grow every day and provide its owners with more and more profit!


SEO specialists every month:

  • Adjust the strategy of further promotion to achieve the best result; 
  • Conduct regular audits to identify errors and edit them as soon as possible;
  • Fill the site with content (texts are very important in SEO: articles, special SEO texts, guest posts, etc.). And it is important to write them correctly so that they answer people’s questions and have keywords that will be ranked in the search results. So this process is time- and energy-consuming.
  • Add new important pages that will help site owners and customers solve their problems;
  • Optimize external linking (link building), which is a very important component of SEO promotion;
  • Add keywords for which the site will be ranked in order to increase targeted traffic.

SEO is a chain in which every link is important, so you need to pay attention to both internal and external optimization. They work as a team and are equally important for achieving results!

Internal optimization shows Google what kind of information is provided on the website and how well it is made. All this is done so that the search robot can provide people with the best possible information that will answer their question. Also, proper page optimization makes the site visually attractive to customers, and this plays a very important role in the life of the company.

External: This shows that our site can be trusted, and the information provided on it is useful for people! These factors push each other and enhance the results of the work of SEO specialists, link builders, copywriters, and designers!

Just as it is impossible to start running without learning how to walk, it is also impossible to do external optimization without skipping internal optimization. These two indicators alone will not help much in website promotion, but together they give significant results!


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