Why is Link Building important?

In addition to the on-page optimization of the site (fixing technical errors, removing unnecessary pages, adding meta tags, etc.), there is also off-page optimization. It is mostly a link building. Link building is the build-up of external reference mass to a site in order to achieve a greater level of trust from Google.

24 April 2024

How is link building implemented?

The main goal of SEO is to achieve the greatest possible confidence in the site from Google, measured by the DR-domain rating, “domain rating.” Specialists do their best to build an effective link building strategy and increase this indicator.

In fact, this is a rather complex and responsible process. If the site is referred to by poor-quality sites that have low DR, Google considers such a resource with poor-quality information that does not need to be provided to users. Accordingly, the site rating in the issuance falls. After all, the main purpose of search results is to provide a person with information that will be interesting and give an answer to the user’s request, so the Rating Domain (DR) indicator is very important for Google.

That is why professionals are very responsible in choosing a resource on which to place a link.

The main criteria for choosing a website to place a link on:


High DR and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) ratings.

As mentioned above, this indicator is one of the most important when choosing a donor site. URL ranking is also quite important. It is an indicator of website authority that takes into account all factors related to links (number and quality of backlinks, authority of domains that link to the site, etc;)

High DR and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) ratings

Related topics.

As a rule, links are not placed on a website without some accompanying information. It would be strange to visit a resource and see a bare link that leads to who knows where. Therefore, most links are placed in the form of guest posts. That is, an article or just information on the topic of your site or product. This information should be relevant (an article about cooking on a building materials website will look a little strange). Now imagine a situation where you are looking for information about a product (for example: a fishing rod). You write in the search bar “What is the best length of a fishing rod?”. You click on the first link, read an interesting article that gives you an answer to this and many other questions, and below this information is a link to an online fishing tackle store. Will you follow this link?

Therefore, it is very important to choose sites of related topics (or high-quality universal resources, for example, news sites)

Related topics.

Appropriate GEO.

To ensure that your site is promoted in the geographic market it is targeted at, it is important to publish guest posts on the same GEOs (if your goal is to promote your site in the Ukrainian market, it is better to place a link, for example, on the TSN website). This affects better ranking in the search results, as well as the behavioral factor (Example: a person living in Ukraine saw an article about indoor flowers on the site, followed the link and got to an Arabic-language site. The person didn’t understand anything and, seeing incomprehensible symbols, immediately left without taking any useful actions on the site. Google saw this and noted that this site did not help the person and the information provided on it was not useful). So, the right GEO also plays a significant role!


The amount of traffic.

Our main goal as a businessman is to get new customers, so there is no point in placing links on a website without traffic.


Quantity and quality of keywords.

As mentioned above, we are interested in people. But it should be reciprocal. People will not waste their time if they are not interested in our product. Therefore, it is important to find a donor site that has many high-quality keywords (preferably not branded or generic). For example, if a website ranks first for the key phrase “What smartphone to buy in 2024”, it would be logical and very correct to place a link to an electronics website on it. In this case, only interested people will follow the link!

Quantity and quality of keywords.

Traffic-generating pages.

 Let’s say a specialist has a task to promote a men’s underwear website. He has found a resource from this niche with quite a lot of traffic. But there is one problem… all the traffic is collected by lingerie pages. Does it make sense to buy links on this site? Of course not! Your site will be visited by people who are interested in buying lingerie, and your site specializes in men’s underwear.


Spamming the site.

There should be more resources linking to the donor site than outbound links from it.

In addition, you need to write an article in which the link will be placed (guest post). To do this, you need an experienced copywriter who can address the issue in an interesting way and use keywords that will help people find the article.


Increase visibility
for your business: SEO solution for growth!

So, why is link building important?

  1. Increase DR;
  2. Multiply the amount of targeted traffic;
  3. Raising your website in search results;
  4. Build working relationships with colleagues (sites in a related niche);
  5. Explain to people the benefits of your product;
  6. Increase brand awareness.

The work of a link builder is quite responsible, complex, and requires a lot of time and money. But the link profile of a website is very important for Google and works very well in conjunction with SEO!

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