How to choose the right topics for the articles

19 Jan 2023

What topics for writing articles should I search for?

To be more precise, our task is to find the keywords that people most often enter in the search bar of the browser. And it is important to remember what options there may be.

Popular topics for articles.

Popular topics for articles always depend on the season, this is one of the main factors. For example, if your site sells swimwear, then the site will get a peak of popularity only in summer. There are also relevant topics for articles that we cannot fail to include in the list, it can be quality trends that have been relevant for some time, for example, fashion or some kind of video. But there are also interesting topics for articles that do not depend on the season or trends, so there are a lot of topics for writing articles, you just need to analyze the competitors.

Quite narrow.

Most often, users are looking for something specific. For example, it is unlikely that you will be able to write interesting topics for articles with the keyword “movies”. After all, it is completely unclear what should be inside and how to bring the content in line with the user’s request. Instead, “movies about maniacs” or “movies that won an Oscar” or “the best movies of 2021” is a completely different thing. The filling is clear to both the author and the reader.

If you think you’ve found a brilliant topic, don’t be too lazy to go to the search engine with it and look at least at the first page of the issue.

The offers there do not necessarily match your key on 100%. However, they show what and how your potential readers are searching. Robots are good at guessing people’s needs because they analyze a large array of data. And if you want to attract as many visitors as possible, you should not neglect this information.


In general, article keys can be divided into three types:

  • Informational. In these cases, users need information and instructions. For example, about how to cook zucchini, get rid of cockroaches or choose the best cloud storage.
  •  Commercial or transactional. People don’t want words, but specific offers where they can buy, order, download, and so on. These verbs, cognate words, as well as “price” and an indication of the city, for example, “cakes in Kyiv”, are signs that the issue with the article cannot be broken into. So we conclude that it is commercial sites that need verbs in keywords. Behind these keys, it is not clear what the user needs. For example, a person enters “air conditioner in the car”. But what is he going to do with it? Buy? Choose? Install?

Information keys are what the media needs. Transactional should be left to stores. Even if your manual accidentally gets into a commercial edition, it is unlikely that it will interest the user. He did not come to the search engine for this.

You can also consider the keys from the “Other” group, because in issuing, company offers usually alternate with articles.

Of course, the opinions of search engines about the query may differ from yours. Therefore, check the issue manually or use special services.

The service considered the request “buy an air conditioner” commercial with an indicator of 100%, and “choose an air conditioner” – on the contrary, informational. Accordingly, the second option is best suited for the media.

Where to find ideas for research materials

 In your head

This is the most obvious source of ideas. Search Engine Optimization texts answer questions for people like you. So, if you periodically slow down your flow of thoughts and isolate keywords from it, it can lead to interesting topics for articles.

Start with your own thoughts anyway. This will facilitate the use of many services.

In Google’s Keyword Planner

To use this tool, you need to sign up for Google Ads. At the same time, the average number of impressions will be a fork with a fairly large spread.

In Ubersuggest

An ideal option for those who do not want to register in Google Ads. The free version of Ubersuggest allows you to get a lot of information.

Enter the idea you want to work on in the Keyword Ideas section.

In the Related tab, keys containing your word or phrase of interest will appear. In the Volume column – the number of requests during the month. If you click on the arrow, you’ll get a free download of Google top 10 rankings on demand.

Among the phrase-associations of search engines

Algorithms try not only to predict, but also to refine your query. Therefore, at the bottom of the search page, associatively related to the initial key phrase appear. It is possible that ideas for future articles are hiding there.

At competitors

First, it is worth deciding on competitors. The more niche the relevant topics for articles are, the easier is to work with them: you will almost never have to filter out irrelevant keywords. The following recommendation follows from this: if you write about different topics, look for competitors in each niche separately.

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