How to choose the perfect domain name for your website

Every website owner tries to take the highest positions in search results in order to increase brand awareness and improve sales of goods and services. To do this, a lot of work is done – from website audit to link building, but not everyone thinks that the domain name also affects the amount of traffic and sales from the site. Such an insignificant element as a website name can not only affect the rankings of your website, but also the fate of your company. If your domain name is memorable and stands out from the crowd, it will be easier for potential customers to come back to you, share it with their friends, and bring you more and more customers through word of mouth.

26 June 2024
How to choose the perfect domain name for your website
Serhii Shynhur
Sales Manager
«When a user remembers your domain, they have already become a regular customer»

Domain name ideas. How to choose a domain?

Choose a short and simple name

Such domains are easier for people to remember and easier to type in the search bar. Choose words that are easy to spell and pronounce, and make sure that the domain is no longer than 15 characters.

Include keywords

Use keywords that describe your business or services. This will not only explain the specifics of your business to people, but also improve SEO. Let’s take the domain “” as an example. This name makes it immediately clear that the company is engaged in SEO and because this word is at the beginning of the domain name, it has a better impact on the site’s position for similar queries. In addition, the domain is short and simple and thus easy to remember.

Avoid numbers and hyphens

Numbers and hyphens can be confusing to users, especially when pronouncing a domain name. Such domains are less trustworthy and are perceived by people as spammy and irrelevant.

Think about branding

Your domain name should be unique and reflect your brand. If your keywords are busy, combine words or try to create new words or phrases (like we did).

Choose the right extension

The domain extension (.com, .org, .net, etc.) also affects the SEO of your website:

  • .com: the most popular and well-known extension.
  • Local extensions: if your business is focused on a specific country, use the appropriate extension (.ua for Ukraine and similar).

Check availability

Before choosing a domain name, make sure it is available. To check the domain, use tools such as Namecheap, GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.

Choosing a domain name that reflects the specifics of your brand, targets a specific geo, is memorable and attracts attention is quite difficult. This process takes time, but it’s worth it. The right domain name can improve the future performance of your website and the pace of your company’s development.


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Domains in the Cyrillic alphabet. Advantages and disadvantages.

Recently, domains in Cyrillic have been common in Ukraine, and they look quite strange. Everyone is used to domains being written in English, and here the pattern breaks.

Advantages of Cyrillic domains

  • Comprehensibility for local users: Cyrillic domains are easy to remember and enter for users who use the Cyrillic alphabet in their daily lives. They also better reflect the brand and organization name in local markets.
  • Wider choice of names: many popular Latin domain names are already taken, so Cyrillic domain zones can offer more options for registering your desired name.
  • Local SEO: Cyrillic names can improve search engine optimization for local markets, as users are more likely to search for content in their native language.

Cons of Cyrillic domains

  • Complication of international interaction: for international users and partners, Cyrillic domain names can be difficult to type and memorize. For this purpose, it is better to use domains with Latin letters, because English is an international language and this greatly simplifies the promotion of business on the global market.
  • Security issues. Phishing: the use of Cyrillic characters that look similar to Latin ones, such as “a” and “c”, can increase the risk of phishing attacks. Attackers can use similar characters to create fake websites that look almost identical.

It is your decision whether to choose a Cyrillic or Latin domain, but if you want to develop your business and go beyond the borders of Ukraine, it is better to give preference to English characters.

What if you come up with the perfect domain name, but it’s taken?

What if you come up with the perfect domain name, but it's taken_

It often happens that you have come up with the perfect domain that 100% describes your specifics, has keywords and is easy to remember, but it is taken. It’s sad, but there is a way out. What to do in this case?

  1. Check the available options: Try different domain name options to find a similar or alternative name that hasn’t been taken yet.
  2. Buying from the current owner: If the domain is critical to you, you can try to contact the current owner and offer to buy the domain. You can find the owner’s contact information through WHOIS, through special platforms for selling domains, or directly through the website (if it is registered for this domain).
  3. Using domain brokers: If you are unable to find the owner’s data, you can use the services of domain brokers. They will help you find the owner and negotiate on your behalf.
  4. Use other domain extensions: Consider using a different domain extension. For example, if .com is not available, you can choose .net or .org.

Remember that choosing a domain name is an important element for your brand and company. Choose a name that will meet your goals and attract your audience.

Psychological aspects when choosing a domain name

Choosing a domain name involves not only technical and marketing aspects, but also psychological ones. Here are some key factors:

  1. Sound associations: Names that have a rhythmic structure or melody are easier to remember. For example, repetition of sounds or syllables can create melody.
  2. Visual memory: easy to read and easy to spell are important elements for a domain name. Then the user subconsciously remembers the name of your site and will find it easier to recall when it is needed.
  3. Emotional response: domain names that evoke positive emotions or associations can help create a positive impression of your brand. Use words that have a positive connotation or are associated with pleasant things.
  4. Meaning and context: It is important to consider the meaning of words in different contexts. A word that has a positive meaning in one culture may have a completely different meaning in another.

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Selecting and verifying a domain name is a very important element that affects the future of your brand. It determines whether users will remember you, whether they will come back again, as well as the position of the site in search results and much more. In order to choose the right domain that will attract attention and bring you customers, you need to: choose a short domain name, include keywords in it, avoid numbers and hyphens, make it unique and relevant to your brand, and be sure to check whether the domain is free (you can use specialized services for this).

If you want to choose a Cyrillic domain name for your website, think twice. This can cause problems with indexing and entering new geographic markets. If you’ve already chosen a domain name but it’s taken, you have several options: try similar domains, buy the domain name from the current owner, use the services of specialized brokers, or use a different domain extension. 

In most cases, a domain is the first thing a user notices, so an interesting and unusual domain name can significantly increase your CTR (click-through rate).

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