Cost of website promotion in 2024

“How much does SEO website promotion cost?” We hear this question very often when offering our services. But it is impossible to create a universal cost of website promotion because it depends on a very large number of factors. In this article, we will understand how the price of website promotion is determined and what it depends on. So let’s get to the point!

21 May 2024
Cost of website promotion in 2024

What factors affect the cost of SEO promotion?

In fact, these factors are constantly changing and supplemented, but we will now consider the main ones that are relevant for 2024:

  1. Technological innovations and tool development: the constant development of technologies in SEO leads to the emergence of new tools and methods for analyzing and optimizing websites. Implementation of these new technologies can be quite expensive and require additional financial investments from an SEO agency.
  2. Competition in the SEO market: the level of competition among SEO agencies and freelancers also significantly affects the cost of website optimization. If there is a high demand for SEO promotion in the market, the price of SEO can also be more competitive. While low competition can lead to higher prices.
  3. The level of competition in the client’s field: the extent to which our clients’ competitors are engaged in SEO also affects the determination of the cost, because it determines the complexity of our task and the amount of work that will be required to achieve significant results.
  4. Changes in search engine algorithms: such updates affect the promotion strategy and force SEO specialists to search for and create new promotion strategies, which requires a lot of time and creativity, so this factor affects the price of promotion.
  5. Experience and expertise: in any job, the salary depends on the level of knowledge of the specialist. The same trend is present in SEO. Professional agencies will never underestimate their expertise, because their experience allows them to achieve better results in a shorter period of time.
  6. Geography: the cost of SEO services depends on the geographical location of the client and the SEO agency. In some regions, the demand for SEO is higher, while in others it is lower. Also, average salaries may differ from country to country, and SEO specialists are the same employees who need to be paid for their work. 
  7. The scope of work and the current state of the client’s website: some projects require more intensive work and resources, which can affect the price of website promotion. For example, promoting a large online store with a large number of products requires much more effort than promoting a small corporate website.
  8. Range of services: some clients have their own in-house copywriters and programmers (to implement SEO settings on the site), while some do not, so SEO agencies have to hire their own staff and do it themselves. This factor, oddly enough, can make the cost of promotion much more expensive.

From this small list of factors that affect the cost of SEO promotion, you can understand that it’s not just a “finger in the sky”, to determine the price. You should analyze the client’s website and make a full analysis of the niche and competitors. And this is also a certain amount of work. Therefore, when SEO agencies are asked for services and asked “How much does website promotion cost?” this question is a dead end!

What is the minimum cost of SEO in 2024?

The minimum cost of SEO promotion in 2024 may vary depending on the above factors, but it is generally accepted that the minimum price for promotion in search engines is 500-1000 USD per month.

This figure is due to the fact that SEO is a long-term process that requires constant work and monitoring. Website optimization, content creation, keyword and competitor analysis – all this takes time and resources of specialists. Moreover, we should not forget that high-quality SEO requires special analytics tools that cost a lot of money. To achieve significant results, clients should choose reliable and experienced specialists, which also affects the price of services.


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What is included in the price of SEO services?

What is included in the price of SEO services_

The list of services can be very different, so let’s look at the general points that should be included in this list:

  1. SEO audit of the site: includes a study of the current state of the site, its technical settings, structure, content, and other aspects that affect its visibility in search engines ($300-$1000)
  2. Keywords and competitor analysis: identifying keywords and phrases by which the key audience searches for the company’s products or services, as well as analyzing competitors to determine their strategies and weaknesses. ($200-$500)
  3. Content optimization: creation of unique, informative content with a sufficient number of keywords, as well as optimized headings, meta tags, and alt texts. ($100-$300 for optimizing one page)
  4. Technical optimization: fixing technical errors on the site, such as loading speed, mobile optimization, fixing 404 errors, setting up an XML sitemap, and other technical aspects. ($500-$1500)
  5. Link profile: the process of obtaining backlinks from third-party authoritative and relevant resources, which helps to increase the authority of our site for search engines. ($200-$1000, this includes budgets for these links)
  6. Analytics and reporting: this is a very important process that involves monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of the SEO strategy, its results, and adjusting the strategy depending on the data obtained.

This is only an approximate list of works for website optimization, it can change, but these actions are mandatory. It should be noted that these are average costs, so they can be much higher or much lower!

The cost of website promotion depending on the type

Business card sites: promotion of online business cards costs an average of $350-$950 per month. This cost is due to the small amount of work, but website optimization and external customization require time and analytics tools.

  • Landing pages: in general, such sites are not promoted in SEO very effectively, but if there is such a need, then the cost of promoting a one-page site is $350-$1050/month. In this case, a little more money is invested in setting up internal website indicators.
  • Blogs and information portals: as the amount of work increases, the price also increases. $550-$1500/month.
  • Corporate websites: the approximate cost is $600-$2000 per month. This figure is influenced by such factors as branding (all content, meta tags, etc. should convey the brand mood, so customization can become more complicated), goals (blog sites, for example, have a goal of attracting readers, while corporate sites may have a main goal of selling or leaving a request), and volume (corporate sites usually have more pages than others).
  • Online stores: of course, this is the most interesting point, because the promotion of online stores is the most expensive due to the number of pages and high competition in most niches. The cost of promoting an online store in Ukraine is approximately $900-$2800/month.

It should be noted that these are approximate prices and should not be used as a guide when choosing an agency or calculating budgets. It is better to contact professionals to calculate the exact cost of promoting your website.


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What should I look for when choosing an SEO agency?

What should I look for when choosing an SEO agency_

Of course, cost is not the main factor when choosing an SEO contractor, so what exactly should you look for to choose honest and experienced specialists?

  1. Realistic forecasts: when choosing SEO services, you should remember that results do not come instantly, but take time. Depending on the current state of the site, competition, and other factors, the first noticeable results may take several months. These results may include improved search engine rankings, increased traffic or conversions, and other metrics.
  2. The ratio between cost and results: expensive is not always quality, sometimes the best price/quality ratio is not shown by the most expensive companies, so you should mainly look at this metric, not just the cost.
  3. Experience and reputation: Of course, to check the quality of your potential contractors’ work and avoid wasting money, you should look at how good they are at their job and how their clients speak about them.
  4. Portfolio and case studies: This is an actual indicator of the quality of an SEO agency’s work that shows what results they achieve.
  5. Transparency and reporting: it is important that the agency provides transparent reports and keeps the customer informed of all changes on the site so that everything can be checked and make sure that the work is done efficiently and on time.

These are a few of the factors to consider when choosing an SEO contractor. But they don’t always work, because in this age of high technology, anything can be falsified. So choose your contractor with your head and listen to your heart.


So, to summarize, we can understand that the cost of website promotion depends on a lot of factors, and it takes a lot of time to determine the price for each individual case. So don’t ask SEO agencies “How much does SEO promotion cost?”, ask more precisely (what results you want to achieve, in what time frame, and what list of works you are interested in). Also, don’t choose an SEO contractor based on the price alone: cheap doesn’t mean good, and expensive doesn’t always mean quality!

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