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Backlinks are links that lead to one website from other websites.

12 Jul 2023

Why are backlinks important for promotion?

Search engine rankings determine the visibility of websites on the Internet, and backlinks continue to be a major influence. Although some argue that their importance is decreasing over time, it remains clear that search engines still take this factor into account when deciding how high your site should appear in the results.

Ahrefs conducted a study of more than a billion pages on the Internet and found that the lack of backlinks to a website is likely to hinder its promotion. 66.31% of sites do not have any backlinks, 26.29% of sites have up to three links. All these sites receive almost no traffic from Google.

It is believed that an increase in the number of backlinks gives the following positive results:

  1. Increased positions in the search results. Search engines consider backlinks to be a sign of trust in a website. It is believed that the more links to a website, the more it is trusted. That is, the more links, the higher the site can be ranked in the search results for relevant queries.
  2. Indexing of new pages is accelerated. Search engine crawlers look through the pages they already know to find new content. Robots visit popular sites more often than unpopular ones. The more links to a website, the higher the probability that search engines will quickly index a new page.
  3. The site receives additional traffic. Links on the pages of other websites help to get traffic from these sites. Readers see an interesting link, click on it, and are redirected to the promoted resource. This traffic can have a positive impact on behavioral factors.

The easiest way to get backlinks 

Not all backlinks have the same “weight” – that is, they have the same positive effect. Here are some recommendations on how to get the most out of links on other websites.
Create relevant links. A backlink placed on a website of the same topic as the promoted site is more useful than an irrelevant one. At the same time, the anchor should look natural and correspond to the content of the linked page.

Place links on authoritative websites. Authoritative resources are sites that search engines trust more than others. They have a lot of external links, and their content is of high quality and useful.

Place links in the text, not in separate blocks on the page. SEO researcher and promotion consultant Bill Slavsky says that backlinks are more powerful if they are located in the main content area of the page, highlighted with font and color. A link will have less “weight” if it is difficult to find, placed at the bottom of the page, and does not stand out from the rest of the text.

How to get backlinks to your website

There are three ways to get backlinks:

To maximize your site’s visibility, you should consider a two-part strategy: build and earn. Manually submitting links to your site in directories, forums, comments, maps, and social media can help build trust, while creating useful content will help promote organic link exchange through various channels, such as personal messages or blogs. Combined, these created and earned links are invaluable for successful SEO optimization; they are relevant to users’ search queries and have maximum visibility on trusted websites!

Here are some ways to get quality backlinks:

  • Write a useful article for another website. Choose resources where a link to your site will look natural.
  • That is, if you sell marketing courses, it is better to write an article for a website that is read by marketers. Often, to post an article, you need to make an agreement with the site’s editor. He or she will help you choose a topic that suits both you and the editorial team.
  • Start a blog on popular platforms, write useful materials that can get a lot of views, and leave links to your website in them.
  • Find articles without links that mention your brand or company. Ask the site editor to add a link.Conduct research on a topic in which you are an expert. 
  • Article authors often refer to research results and statistics. Therefore, research is an opportunity to get free backlinks from high-quality texts.
  • Conduct interviews with experts. Most likely, experts will post a link to the interview on social media or mention it in their blog.
  • Answer questions in journalistic reference services. In exchange for a useful comment, the author of the article may provide a link to your website.

What to keep in mind when placing backlinks

It is not always the case that the more backlinks you have, the higher your site ranks in search results. It is important that the links are of high quality. It is better to place one link on a popular, relevant website than ten on a blog that no one reads.
Previously, optimizers used to buy a lot of backlinks on exchanges for promotion, and the site would reach the top. Now the quality of links is important, so you need to manually select the sites where you will publish links. 

The number of backlinks should grow smoothly. Otherwise, search robots will suspect cheating, and a filter may be applied to the site, which will prevent promotion.

Exchanges to simplify the purchase of links

Working with the audience takes a huge amount of time, as it is very difficult to find relevant sites and negotiate with the site owner, because there are so many people who want to be placed on a good site, and emails can end up in spam or simply not be read. To make this task easier, there are exchanges for buying links.

Collaborator external link exchange 

The exchange contains high-quality sites at any price with a live audience for backlinks in its catalog. The optimizer has access to all the necessary analytics on publications and more than 40 parameters for SEO. You can also set a filter, specify geo, target audience, and what the site should be about, which makes it very easy to find sites for placement. But despite this, sites need to be double-checked through Ahrefs.

PRposting exchange of eternal links

PRposting offers a wide range of authoritative websites on various topics and countries. The purchase is made on a turnkey basis: PRposting specialists take care of all the work of writing articles, publishing them, and selecting sites, which allows optimizers to get high-quality backlinks without wasting time and additional costs.

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