SEOBANDA alongside SQM Club will help to reach success in the carbon emissions reduction process

16 Mar 2023
sqm club

What is SQM Club?

As a pioneering force for over 65 years, the SQM Club has illuminated pathways of progress and advocated successfully for meaningful transformation. Led by William H. Bonney and David File, we have proudly educated people with the knowledge of how to assess multiple carbon footprint-helping organizations as well as particulary separate people to find ways to combat CO2 emissions effectively. Our dedication continues even today!

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the major contributors to global climate change, an issue that has had a serious effect on Mother Earth. The current CO2 levels in Earth’s atmosphere are at unprecedented highs, leading to destructive impacts like rising temperatures and sea level rise. It couldn’t be more clear: businesses and governments must take action now for us all to survive together as one world.

Why does the SQM Club exist?

The SQM Club is a vital hub for eco-minded professionals to come together and promote green practices. It serves as an inspiring platform where members from diverse industries can share ideas regarding waste reduction, conserve resources, and maintain its constant development. Intending to establish a long-lasting positive environmental change mind, these experts unite forces with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

For individuals and entrepreneurs seeking to expand their knowledge of constant development, connect with top professionals, share their experiences and successes, and collaborate on forward-thinking initiatives, the SQM offers a valuable platform. Ultimately it exists to encourage environmentally responsible practices through education initiatives that foster a collective commitment among stakeholders toward preserving Earth.

As such, the SQM Club exists to promote constant development, stimulate businesses to adopt environmentally responsible policies, and create a community of professionals committed to protecting our planet.

Who joins the SQM Club?

The SQM Club invites professionals from any industry who are committed to continuous improvement and the cultivation of eco-friendly practices within their respective associations.It includes, in particular, representatives of enterprises, voluntary groups, governments, and academia.

SQM club members typically have a background or interest in sustainability, environmental science, or related fields. They may work in roles such as sustainability managers, environmental consultants, corporate social duties specialists, or supply chain managers.

The club welcomes people world-wide and its events and activities are designed to be accessible and relevant to professionals from different locations and industries. The SQM  is a community of individuals who share a common goal of creating a better world for future generations, whether you’re an experienced sustainability professional or just starting to explore the field.

SQM is an incredibly diverse and vibrant organization, boasting more than 1,000 members of different ages, religions, and backgrounds. Now with SeoBanda joining forces to spread the word about this amazing group its influence will grow even further!

What are the benefits of being a member of the SQM Club?

SQM has revolutionized the way of measuring the environmental consequences we have, providing us with independent and accurate reports about carbon footprints. They also enabled a gamified attitude in emissions reduction among members, making it easier for all participants to track each other’s performance. Soon enough, every member will receive their report from SQM allowing them to gain insight into comparative results.

This comprehensive report showcases not only an overview of CO2 usage but goes further and provides actionable measurements for members to reduce their carbon footprint.

A short list of all benefits that participants receive upon joining:

  • Determine the quantity of CO2 released
  • Equating your carbon emissions compared to others.
  • Review of monthly reports and scrutiny of the contribution towards mitigating carbon dioxide emissions
  • Invitations to events that are reserved exclusively for members

Interested in cooperation and joining an organization with a loved one? Join us and contribute to SQM! Your efforts and results will be carefully analyzed to optimize and achieve the best results. Join our team of professionals!

What is the main advantage of joining the SQM?

If you are anxious about the state of our planet’s environment and want to be part of a movement that is taking aggressive action to address some of nature’s most pressing challenges, the SQM  is the place for you. For those seeking to be part of progress, the SQM provides opportunities to grow and achieve your full potential.

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